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Athens Worx solves your home's to-do list in partnership with trusted local vendors and skilled tradespeople.
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We solve your to-do list.

What would help you love your home even more? Tell us and we'll propose solutions that are within your budget and your timeline. We won't discriminate against the smaller projects (we're looking at you, dirty gutters!), or balk at your wish to completely reimagine your kitchen and backyard. No matter what's on your list, we'll solve it.

We bring the right, local team.

We don't want to replace the repair and renovation experts that have been fixing up Athens for decades - they've done work at our own homes, too! Instead, we leverage our relationships with established companies—and skilled workers starting their new businesses—to bring in just the right, local team for your job. You tell us what you want. We handle all the communications, scheduling, permitting, insurance, and billing. It's that simple.

We build local capacity.

We're pretty good at identifying skilled tradespeople who share our values, sense of professionalism, and love of the local community and environment. Unfortunately, they don't always have the access and resources needed establish and grow a business like we do.

We've made it Athens Worx's mission to build local capacity and community wealth by keeping local workers' schedules full and providing mentorship and practical support. With every project, you'll do your part to help under-resourced and minority-owned businesses thrive, too.


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Solutions & Services

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Ask us about it.  Chances are, we can get it done.

Outdoor Living Spaces

We keep safety, practicality, and beauty in mind when building or repairing your porch, deck, and patio. All you need to worry about is what you're going to throw on the grill when we're done.

Exterior Maintenance & Repair

Let us help you top-off your curb appeal and protect your home from the elements. We can clean, repair, and install new siding and gutters. Got a leaky roof? Yep, we've got a team for that, too.

Concierge Handyperson Services

Can't get to all those small repairs on your list? We've got you! We'll fix that leaky faucet, repair those annoying cracks on your ceiling, and even assemble pre-fab furniture. No job is too small for us.


Give your house the facelift it deserves with a fresh lick of paint. Whether you're craving a pop of color or want to keep things neutral, our team of professional painters will make it happen.

Kitchens & Baths

Get your dream kitchen and upgrade your bathroom to meet your family's needs. From elegant tiling, to practical kitchen islands and accessible bathrooms, we'll get it done expertly and at a fair price.

Home Renovations

If you're looking to improve the flow and functionality of your home, look no further. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from design to reality, so you can feel right at home again.

Fences & Privacy Screens

Need to install or repair your fence? We'll help you keep your children and pets safe and your property looking sharp. Your new fence will be up in a blink and be as solid as, well, wood or metal.


Landscaping can tie together the natural beauty of your environment and your family's personality and needs. Our experienced professionals will help you craft the landscape of your dreams.

Custom Projects

Whether it's a tree house or a container home constructed with upcycled shipping containers, we can help you bring your custom project to life.

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For a free consult, call us at (706) 397-7321, email, or fill out the form below.